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Software engineer by heart ❤️, Psychologist by training 👨‍🎓.

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Blog Articles

  1. https://matchmanao.de/magazin/persoenlichkeitsanalyse_online-test/
  2. https://matchmanao.de/magazin/jobtitel-und-berufsbezeichnungen/
  3. https://matchmanao.de/magazin/persoenlichkeitsdiagnostik-ich-bin-so-wie-ich-bin-aber-wie-bin-ich-eigentlich/

Research Articles

  1. Amaddio, A. (2017). Listening to the collective intelligence channel in medical decision making of interacting groups. Bachelor Thesis, Freie Universität Berlin, Berlin. https://osf.io/t94ar/
  2. Antonio Amaddio, Magdalena Zimmermann, Urs Merkel (2021). From Four to Five. https://osf.io/c567q/

Work Experience

Year Employer Category
2021 MatchManao Calculate correlations between two diagnostic personality tests and document them in the article.
2021 MatchManao Calculate diagnostic quality criteria (reliability, validity) for questionnaires.
2021 MatchManao Introduction of a new team personality structure to predict team performance and satisfaction
2021 MatchManao Data analysis of experimental data to predict team performance and satisfaction based on team personality composition.
2020 MatchManao Build an elasticsearch / python script to evaluate the Big Five Inventory II.
2020 MatchManao Design a personality survey that integrates the five domains of the OCEAN model and the four domains of Meyer Briggs.
2019 MatchManao Porting a PHP web application to Docker
2019 MatchManao Entwicklung einer Werkzeugs um ChatOps Daten von Twist zu Mattermost zu importieren.

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