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Software engineer by heart ❀️, Psychologist by training πŸ‘¨β€πŸŽ“.

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Blog Articles

  1. https://matchmanao.de/magazin/persoenlichkeitsanalyse_online-test/
  2. https://matchmanao.de/magazin/jobtitel-und-berufsbezeichnungen/
  3. https://matchmanao.de/magazin/persoenlichkeitsdiagnostik-ich-bin-so-wie-ich-bin-aber-wie-bin-ich-eigentlich/

Research Articles

  1. Amaddio, Kurvers (2017) https://osf.io/t94ar/

Work Experience

Year Employer Category
2020 MatchManao Build an elasticsearch / python script to evaluate the Big Five Inventory II.
2020 MatchManao Design a personality survey that integrates the five domains of the OCEAN model and the four domains of Meyer Briggs.
2019 MatchManao Porting a PHP web application to Docker
2019 MatchManao Writing an importer from to Mattermost ChatOps

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